Our History

Sunburst Beauty Pageant began as a Florida only event and preliminaries were conducted all over the state of Florida. The first State Final was held in Ocala, Florida. Word spread quickly, and within a year, word of Sunburst had reached several bordering states and even into the Northeast. Folks were calling and writing; asking that Sunburst come to their states.

Sunburst quickly responded to these requests, and events were soon being held in Georgia, North and South Carolina, New York, Ohio, Missouri, Kansas, and eventually, nationwide.

Our Mission

The Sunburst mission was, and still is; to provide wholesome competition that the entire family can enjoy. To create an environment where our contestants can grow, mature, develop, and exhibit their talents, personalities, interpersonal skills, and sportsmanship, providing opportunity and rewards that will further enhance their lives and provide direction as they pursue their ambitions.

Sunburst has had Miss America, Miss USA, and Miss Universe winners, doctors, lawyers, CPA’s, business entrepreneurs, engineers, actors, singers, dancers, musicians, and many other success stories over the years. We are extremely proud of who our contestants are and the outstanding folks they have become.